Beauty in Everything

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Hey, I'm Gabriella.
I truely believe there is beauty in everything and everyone even if others may not see it. Just look at nature and the world around us, everything has its own beauty.



Vampire doctors that can smell if you have a blood disease.

Werewolf therapy animals for sick kids.

Nature sprite and nymph nurses that always make sure people have pretty flowers to brighten up their white rooms.

Fauns that go around and sing and dance for patients so that they smile.

Nice monster hospitals would be amazing

Someone write a book about this.

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Cute Without the E - Taking Back Sunday

Hoping for the best just hoping nothing happens. 
A thousand clever lines unread on clever napkins. 
I wil never ask if you don’t ever tell me. 
I know you well enough to know you never loved me. 
Why can’t I feel anything from anyone other than you? 

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